Travel Stories | Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, Canada

I am a roadtrip fanatic. Last year, we drove to Colorado/Wyoming. It was spectacular. This year, we drove due north and then northeast to the very far norther tip of Nova Scotia. And then back again. It was exactly 3,559 miles. Twelve days. Three kids. One grandma. And me.  You can read the play by play blog posts at my travel site: Come On Kids, Let’s Go! 

*Favorite place in Nova Scotia? MEAT COVE.



*Favorite place in Prince Edward Island? COUSINS SHORE BEACH & Anne of Green Gables Heritage Placechelseahudsonphotography_0436chelseahudsonphotography_0437chelseahudsonphotography_0441chelseahudsonphotography_0444chelseahudsonphotography_0446chelseahudsonphotography_0456chelseahudsonphotography_0457chelseahudsonphotography_0462chelseahudsonphotography_0463.





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