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I was recently telling my husband that over the last few years, I have had this ever-growing draw to the extreme edges of the world. Heights (Kilimanjaro, anyone??), depths, distances. I am drawn to the fringes, to the end of the road. To the ends of the earth. 

I think it started with a trip to Nova Scotia a few years ago. Almost by accident (or serendipity?) we ended up in a far off place called Meat Cove. I have blogged about it HERE. Meat Cove is at the end of the dirt road at the farthest point north you can go on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. And it indeed feels like the “ends of the earth.”

And I LOVED that feeling. 

My husband wondered if I would have been an across-the-ocean explorer in a past life. I think so.

What is it that draws us wanderers, us sojourners to the fringes of the land, to the end of the road? It is an intense inner longing in me. Perhaps it is why I have my eyes and soul and heart set on Scotland and the outer isles around it? Or Iceland, or Tasmania. All of which are on the fringes, the edges of the earth. I probably could never live in these places for any real length of time (although, who really knows unless one tries!), but its like a magnetic draw to just GET THERE for me. Ever pulsing. Ever pushing.

I read the book “The Light Between  Oceans” and again, I felt like I needed, yes NEEDED, to find my way to that lighthouse on the island on the edge of Australia. Although I am a mountains girl through and through, there is something about standing at the foot of the ocean… with the vastness of the unknown before me and the known behind me. I must have the soul of an explorer. I must.

Five years ago, I had woken up with my then 5, 3 and not even 1 year olds at our campground and driven to the nearest beach on the Cape. It happened to be Nauset Light Beach and we were the only ones on the beach. I took the following images that morning.


We returned to Cape Cod this summer and the girls and I explored many a beach and tide pool. I couldn’t remember the name of the beach above. I showed the pictures to some Cape locals and family members and finally settled on Nauset Light Beach being the most likely one. So, on our last morning on the Cape, the girls and I loaded up and we drive an hour or so out of the way to see if Nauset Light was “the beach” we had visited those years ago. It was.

Sometimes, even explorers have to follow their own footsteps back to the known places. 

It was magical to be back on that beach. Five years ago, it was sunny and clear and we owned the beach. This time, it was foggy and cold and misty, and we still owned the beach. I took this image of my three girls, ages 10, 8 and 5 standing on the edge of the world. Looking into the vast unknown.



As an explorer, a sojourner, a wanderer and a mom, I hope to continue to take these three to the far off places. To the ends of the earth.

It’s my legacy to them, this #comeonkidsletsgo life.  Some moms pass on jewelry and cooking advice and clothing to their girls (all of which my girls would love more of 🙂 )… I hope to pass on lots of passport stamps and photographic proof of the adventure we sucked out of this life of ours together.

Here are a few other images of our recent visit to Nauset Light Beach on Cape Cod.





** If you are interested in any of the fine art images of the tide and sand and beach, please check out for the Nauset Light Beach images.

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