Just Because | an evening in the life of my children

I love Pinterest (mostly…sometimes…). I love helping my clients put together really snazzy outfits for their shoots. I love the way coordinated layers and outfits look together, especially in the fall. I love cute hair bows and fluffy vests and matching boots.

But I like real life even more.

And for us, real life looks like spontaneously going for a walk and bringing my camera along for the ride. No matching outfits. In fact, the clothes are inside out AND backwards. Hair? Totally unbrushed (probably overdue for a wash, too).

And I think it is just perfect.

Perfect for them. Perfect for our real life at this stage. Just perfect. 

Because you know what? The inside out and backwards clothing will cease. And I will cry when that day comes. I love that my youngest likes it that way. I love that my oldest hasn’t gotten sucked into the “tween” abyss and doesn’t worry about what matches or “goes together.” I love that my second born could care less if she even had clothes on. She just wants to dance, run and devour life.

These are my girls. And we fight and I yell and we cry and they scream. Life isn’t perfect. But they are just perfect as they are, right now, right here, in THIS moment. And I will forever be grateful to have a camera to be able to memorialize these moments, these stages, these phases of life. Because, tomorrow it could be gone. Poof! That phase we have just started to navigate with less angst will give way to a new one and we will have to start over.

So today. This evening. I savor it all. I will hold these photographs near and dear to my heart for decades to come. They will transport me back to this season that was far from perfect, but that I lived and loved with my kids.

Moms, dads… stop and savor it. See them. See their “thang.” See their quirks. Capture it. Remember it. Cherish it. Hold it close.



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