Giving Back with CHP

giving back


By now you should know that I am extremely passionate about ending modern day slavery. What better way to integrate this passion with my photography business than to invite my clients to engage in this fight with me. Just call me the sneaky, but successful abolitionist.

The CHP Giving Back program works as follows: 

Step 1: When you book an (awesome) wedding or lifestyle shoot with me, you get the added bonus of knowing that a percentage ($150 per wedding and $50 per portrait session) of your fees are going directly to those on the front lines fighting against human trafficking, both globally and locally.

Step 2: But rather than me just arbitrarily donating the money, YOU, my awesome client, get to choose which of the following organizations you want YOUR money to go to. You see? This is me, the sneaky abolitionist, inviting you to do a little good with your photography choices! 

Step 3: It is a win-win-win situation. I get to support the organizations I believe in, you get to learn about some amazing organizations on the front lines as well as experience that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing your wedding or portrait fees are actually doing good in this world, and finally the organizations we love get some added funding they desperately need. (this is where we high-five each other, or hug, or just fist bump… whatev)


The Organizations – you should really check them out! 

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A21 Campaign 

International Justice Mission

The Prevention Project

Daughters of Hope India

In addition to  financial donations to charity organizations, CHP regularly engages in humanitarian work both locally and globally. CHP has worked in India with Daughters of Hope, Tasalli and Dalit Freedom Network.

CHP also frequently does product shoots and events for various social justice companies and organization such as Hope Products International, SutiSana, TO THE MARKET, Tenfold Fairtrade, Women Who Stand and others.

CHP takes on a limited amount of pro-bono work each year. Please contact Chelsea for more information on humanitarian and social justice project rates.