Costa Rica – Staying on the beach.

Playing a bit of catch-up here… finally posting about our Costa Rica trip. Which happened 7 months ago. 🙂 Better late than never. 

We flew in to Liberia airport midday and went straight to our hotel “on the beach” in Playa Hermosa.  Hotel El Velero was a fantastic first introduction to Costa Rica. It truly is ON the beach. Basic hotel amenities (don’t come here for luxury), decent food and a killer location.  We wanted inexpensive, clean, and simple, and we got it.

Being able to hop off the plane and into the water within about 1.5 hours is a gift to any family who travels long distances (by plane, train or car). After dumping our belongings into our rooms, the girls jumped into the small outdoor pool right on the edge of the sand. You could sit in the pool while watching the waves and beach.

IMG_1773 IMG_4486 IMG_1793 IMG_4487

After getting some energy out, we headed to the beach. The waves were a bit intense for our kids to actually play in the waves, but they loved running in the sand and playing in the tide.

IMG_1776 IMG_4502

That evening, we walked a long 3 minutes down the beach to Aqua Sport, a groovy outdoor bar with high beach chairs and tables on the sand. We enjoyed some of the best fish tacos I have ever had, along with an enormous margarita while watching the kids play in the sand, swing on the tree swing and just generally relaxing and watching a spectacular sunset.

IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1803 IMG_1806 IMG_4646

One of my favorite things about traveling with kids is watching them enjoy themselves and enjoy the new world they are exploring. A fellow traveller brought their dog to the beach and let my kids play with him for nearly an hour. These are the special times.

IMG_4638 IMG_4605 IMG_4661 IMG_4666 IMG_4646 IMG_4590 IMG_4631 IMG_4578

We all slept deeply and woke up ready to play some more in the pool and on the beach. Breakfast at the outdoor dining area was wonderful with fresh juices and coffee and your choice of American or Costa Rican breakfasts. The background music of crashing waves and wind through the palm trees was an added bonus.

Thank you, Costa Rica, for welcoming our family with open arms, cool breezes and spectacular sunsets.

My review of Hotel El Velero.

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Next up… Lake Arenal!

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  • It looks beautiful, Costa Rica is not somewhere I’ve ever thought of visiting but then it is so much further from me than for you. Mich xReplyCancel