Wife - Mom - Photographer - Storyteller - Sojourner - Sassenach - Activist - Book Lover - Mountain Girl - Roadtripper

That is me in a nutshell. My many hats, all of which I love dearly.

The mountains are always calling to me, and I go to them as much as time and life allow. Coffee and wine, they sustain me in the day to day. 

I am passionate about stories. Because stories are made up of people and I love people. 

My greatest desire is to use my gift of photographic and written storytelling to change the world my three girls are growing up in. 

Wherever there is pain and darkness, there is also hope, strength and dignity. I look for those stories, because it is hope in the face of despair, strength in the midst of pain, and dignity in the midst of chaos that inspire us all to do a little more good in the world.

(fun fact: I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on International Women's Day 2016, carrying my "big" camera and a couple of lenses... I even have the tattoo to prove it.)


My style is predominantly documentary style. I care deeply about capturing and preserving the real moments and seasons of our lives. There is beauty and art in both the everyday moments of our lives, as well as the milestones.

I consider myself a storyteller, both visually and with words. I believe life is one grand and evolving story. And there are many, many chapters of your story that want to be told...

For weddings, I aim to capture the story of your day. Your love story. I look for the moments between the moments and when found, they do not disappoint. 

For families, I aim to capture whatever particular chapter of your story you are knee deep in. Pizza fridays? Soccer saturdays? Lazy Sundays? Family game nights? 

For high school seniors, I aim to share the story of your high school years. Take me to your favorite places on campus, show me who you really are. 

For professionals and entrepreneurs, I aim to tell the story of your style and personality, showing what you confidently bring to the professional table. I aim to share the evolving story of your small business.