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Defining Years | Reflections on my 35th year

Today is my 36th birthday. I am a realist, not an optimist. I often spend days like today and New Years Eve lamenting how little things changed, how little I really changed or evolved (for good), how many of the same demons I am battling today, as a year ago.  It can get a little (read:…

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  • This is beautiful, Chelsea!ReplyCancel

  • Love this:-) I imagine that if I ever have kids, I’ll be able to relate to this SO much, but hope that I’ll know myself enough and learn enough from other moms to get that I need to continue with what I feel called to do. I understand the misery of NOT doing that already!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea–I struggle to explain to you how this piece touched me–and I’m a writer and should know how to do this, instinctively. But recalling a transformation and the journey of that transformation isn’t always easy, that is, until you see someone else going through the same thing. As a young mother I had similar struggles and for a while, I did what you did and I waited for the world to call on me. But at some point in time, something in me shifted and I started going quietly in the direction of my heart and I found that as I did so, the world just opened up and accepted what gifts I had to give and gifted me back. At fifty-six, I can look back at see how the small choices and decisions I made all led me down paths that have fulfilled me in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible. This piece is beautiful, thoughtful, and meaningful and I wish you the best as you continue to pursue your dreams. You are touching the world in a healing way and your girls will be amazing young women because of the way you offer your gifts to humanity.ReplyCancel

    • Shawn, THANK YOU. This means so much to me. I love what you said… ” the world just opened up and accepted what gifts I had to give and gifted me back. ” So very true!ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    Chelsea, what a transparent, insightful post, one that most can relate to! I am rejoicing with you in your trek through motherhood and life! Your passion is beautiful and your daughters are blessed to have parents like you guys! There is nothing like living your life “full on”. I began motherhood with a special needs daughter and two other children, trying my best to raise my children the “right way”. I tend to be a little “radical” in all that I do and I jumped into home schooling and did all that was in that culture, as I tried my hardest to raise my children “to be in the world, but not of the world.” However, I became ill from heavy metal poisoning and burned out in my endeavor and landed in a “not so good” place for too many years. Coming out of that place, I made the mistake, when I started living my personal passion, that I found such exhilaration that the intoxicating feeling that ensued caused me to put my family on the back burner as I did “ministry”. In the long run it was detrimental to my “teens” and it lead to another “burn-out” however, life continues and there is grace and redemption. My “young adults” are for the most part, doing “well” and we are blessed and encouraged! As you live out your passion I am encouraged that you see the value of living a life of balance, whatever that may mean as you live out each day! Mistakes will be made but “God causes all things to work together for good!” Sweet blessings to you Chelsea and thanks again for helping me with Jamie!ReplyCancel

  • This is great Chelsea. It’s exactly where my heart is as well. My calling is to be a mother, but it’s so much more than that, too. God gave us desires and strengths to use them, not push them down. I hope that at some point you can come back to India and do Daughters of Hope part 2. 🙂ReplyCancel

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Kelly & Alec | Baltimore, Maryland Wedding Photography

As usual, I am somewhat speechless about the incredible wedding day I shared with Kelly and Alec. From an all-star line up of vendors, to a new and incredible venue, to perfect fall weather and blue skies… the day unfolded near perfectly. Nine times out of ten I watched the groom just starring in awe…

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  • Kim

    Stunning Photos Chelsea! Love how you captured so many beautiful details! ReplyCancel

    • thank you Kim! It was an amazing wedding… the brides mom was the florist and the florals were to die for!ReplyCancel